“Graeme Souness Managerial Career”


It’s been a quiet week and to be honest I don’t have a great deal to tell you about, but I’ll end up writing a dissertation somehow, I’m sure.

Now, unless you’ve been living in a cave the last 2 months a global pandemic has led to a countrywide lockdown and more importantly has stolen my thunder, so, if you don’t mind I’m going to spend the next 5 minutes selfishly telling you how the Coronavirus has impacted me directly.

Firstly, if you’ve been following my blog throughout, you’ll know that I was suffering from quite bad fatigue.  However, after writing that we went for lunch with some friends (before lockdown, calm down Sharron).  Sarah and I were out of the house for about an hour and after about 15 minutes of getting there I wanted to go home, I felt exhausted and very anxious that my exhaustion may lead to another seizure.  When I got home, I started googling fatigue and brain tumours. Learning that it was very normal I calmed down quite quickly and it was like a switch was flipped and my fatigue went from chronic to pretty minimal overnight.  I mean, I know fatigue will affect people in different ways and some people will have it much worse than me but knowing it was normal really helped me overcome it and if you’re reading this in a similar situation I was in, I hope that knowing fatigue is normal can help.  I also found that getting out of the house and walking for just 10 minutes helped me massively.  So, get this, man gets diagnosed with brain tumour gets fatigued, man gets over fatigue, Covid-19 puts me in lockdown.

So, with all this energy I’ve been doing some solid googling and thought by sharing my googling history would give you some insight into my current state of health and mind.

  1. Shoulder Dislocation Exercises

My dislocated shoulder is driving me crazy, it doesn’t hurt and during lockdown I’ve been painting our hallway and kitchen as well as the garden fence.  The exercises provided by my physio have been great and my mobility has improved massively, although my arm looks very odd when I move it, but my next appointment is cancelled due to the Covid outbreak, leaving even more frustrated. 

2. Fitness Decreasing with Brain Tumour

Although my fatigue has mostly gone, my fitness is now dreadful.  I’m fine with walking and slow tasks like painting but Sophie forgot her bunny when we went for a walk with my parents (Pre-Lockdown, chill out guys) and I ran about half a kilometre there and back with quite a steep incline and I was knackered.  I’ve started doing some strength exercises and I’ve managed 10 press ups with very poor form and again shattered with a high heart rate.  I haven’t managed to find any information on this but it is something I want to look into for my consultation next week.

3. Vulnerable People Coronavirus

So, I’m still not sure how vulnerable I am.  I’m worried that if I do get it and get the high temperature that comes with it this will mean I have lots of seizures.  Either way, especially with Sarah being due to give birth any moment now we’ve been very respectful of the lockdown, as I’m hoping everyone reading this has been too.  I do know a few people who are now in the extremely vulnerable category who can only crack a window so I guess I’m kind of lucky I haven’t been put in here but it would be nice to know how vulnerable I actually am.  The hospital will allow me into Sarah’s C-Section which is great news but my consultation next week has been moved to a telephone call.  I’m not sure if my operation will be pushed back given the stress the NHS is currently under but as I haven’t heard anything from my MRIs I’m assuming I’m in a stable position so this might not be bad thing in the short term.

4. Graeme Souness Managerial Career

Other than worrying about being vulnerable, decreased fitness and my shoulder I’ve also been incredibly bored so my google history then gets a bit sketchy and I’ve been learning about Graeme Souness’ revolution of Rangers, Minnesota North Stars franchise move to Dallas in 1993 (I watched The Mighty Ducks) and Karaoke Party, after my police friend dispersed a Slovakian sing-a-long.

So that’s about it really, sorry it’s not the most exciting but my next blog will be focusing on my consultation and living with a brain tumour, a toddler and a newborn baby.

Published by Alex Dawson

Who? I’m Alex, a 31 year old from Leeds, Yorkshire. I have a wife, Sarah. A daughter, Sophie, who's 2 and a baby boy on the way. I'd say I'm slightly above average across the board, emphasis on slightly, cue my friends making phallic based jokes. I own a recruitment business and I'm relatively fit and healthy. I’m from a privileged background and have been lucky enough to grow up in a nice house with excellent parents and had a good education. I’ve been given lots of handouts throughout my life but wouldn’t class myself as entitled as I’ve worked hard in my career and pushed myself. Why? The reason I'm writing this blog, and sorry if you're learning this for the first time via a blog (but you should have kept in touch more to be honest) I have a big filthy, dirty brain tumour who I have nicknamed, Timmy.  I was given a book, Pear Shaped by my best friend and recent best man, Sav, that gave me the idea of jotting down my thoughts and giving people a better insight to my state of mind and also giving me an outlet while not working rather than just galloping around on a virtual horse on a PS4 game. What? I’m going to be writing about all aspects of my own experiences of having a tumour from diagnosis to what I hope is full recovery, warts and all.  Now, think of this like a disclaimer. I'm from Yorkshire so it'll be to the point, I'll be honest about my feelings about what happens and finally I'll probably throw a few dark jokes about pretty serious shit, so if you're easily offended I'd look elsewhere for your morning read on your commute to work. When? I was diagnosed with a brain tumour on the 29th January 2020 but if you haven't been bored senseless and want to read on I'm going to get more into Timmy in future posts. However, to reiterate it will not be all cutesy and they're will be fucks, shits, and wanks (verbal, not graphic details on my sex life and bowel movements).

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